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Renowned Mentalist Gilan Gork presents #EverybodyLanguage

In August, for three nights only, locally and internationally renowned mentalist, master of influence and best-selling author Gilan Gork will perform astonishing new feats and reveal what lies behind nonverbal communication during three dinner-show spectaculars at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton.

The brand new dinner-show titled #EveryBodyLanguage is lined up for the evenings of 10, 11 and 12 August 2017. It presents Gilan’s astounding mentalist feats, including new pieces developed while presenting in 20 countries in the last two years. All this following the publication of his book Persuasion Games which hit the best seller lists in 2015.

The spectacular will present intelligent, interactive entertainment as Gilan selects audience members at random and reads their thoughts through their body language.

In the last few years, Gilan has guest-starred on countless broadcast and print media platforms. For example he demonstrated his uncanny ability to drive a car blindfolded on a race course at top speed, with Derek Watts in the passenger seat. He influenced Leanne Manas on live television to not shoot an industrial staple gun into his neck. He also planted ideas in Jeremy Maggs’s mind that made him think of drawing a cat, live on the evening news. He made Gareth Cliff feel as though someone was tickling his face, when there was no one near him.

“When you attend the show, come with a specific thought or question in mind”, says Marc Wegkamp, the technical director of the show, “because one of the new astonishing experiments in the show will resemble psychic powers – even though Gilan makes no such claims”.

Besides the entertainment factor of his mind-blowing new dinner-show (which includes a luxurious three-course meal), Gilan will share a myriad of highly practical tips and techniques that you can use to read and influence people through nonverbal communication.

“#EveryBodyLanguage will not only entertain, but will help everyone in both their personal and professional lives. When they leave the show they will find themselves to be more intuitive about what others are thinking and feeling, no matter what they’re saying,” explains Gilan Gork.

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